Camille Chamoux

Sol (2020) Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2020

Director: Jézabel Marques

Stars: Chantal Lauby, Camille Chamoux, Giovanni Pucci, Serge Bagdassarian

5.7 IMDB Rating 374 Views
Les gazelles (2014) Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2014

Marie and Eric, a couple in their thirties who have been together since college, buy their first apartment when Marie is suddenly overcome by doubt. Her encounter with a handsome, dark-haired man forces her to make a decision: she leaves Eric to throw herself into the big sea of pleasure and freedom. But she actually ends up on the bottom of the pool, where she discovers a world without pity: at her age, being single is quickly perceived as a suspicious defect. Enlightened by new friendships, Marie learns to envisage her single life as a chance to become even stronger and to at last be ready to be happy.

Director: Mona Achache

Stars: Camille Chamoux, Audrey Fleurot, Joséphine de Meaux, Naidra Ayadi

5.4 IMDB Rating 418 Views
Premieres Vacances 2018 Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2018

Marion and Ben, thirty years old, meet on Tinder. That's about all they have in common; but the opposites attract each other, and they decide in the early morning of their meeting to go on vacation together despite the advice of their entourage. They will finally leave - to Bulgaria, halfway to their dream destinations: Beirut for Marion, Biarritz for Ben. Without a precise plan and, as they will soon discover, with very different conceptions of what a dream holiday should be.

Director: Patrick Cassir

Stars: Jonathan Cohen, Camille Chamoux, Camille Cottin, Jérémie Elkaïm

6.0 IMDB Rating 775 Views
The Starry Sky Above Me 2017 Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2017

Director: Ilan Klipper

Stars: Laurent Poitrenaux, Camille Chamoux, Marilyne Canto, Alma Jodorowsky

6.7 IMDB Rating 316 Views