Michelle Yeoh

Babylon A.D. (2008) en Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2008

Director: Mathieu Kassovitz

Stars: Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh, Mélanie Thierry

5.6 IMDB Rating 305 Views
Mémoires d’une geisha (2005) en Streaming Complet Gratuit 2005

Director: Rob Marshall

Stars: Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Michelle Yeoh

7.3 IMDB Rating 427 Views
Le règne des assassins (2010) (Reign of Assassins) Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2010

Dans la Chine antique, Zeng Jing, assassin hors pair, se retrouve en possession des restes d'un moine bouddhiste mystique. Elle décide alors de ramener les restes à l'endroit auquel ils appartiennent. Mais sa quête se trouve entravée par une bande d'assassins qui souhaitent mettre la main sur ses mystérieuses reliques qui possèdent un pouvoir très puissant. 

Director: Chao-Bin Su, John Woo(co-director)

Stars: Michelle Yeoh, Woo-sung Jung, Xueqi Wang, Barbie Hsu

6.8 IMDB Rating 1,585 Views
Mechanic: Résurrection (2016) Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2016

Arthur Bishop, the master assassin who faked his death in hopes of putting that part of his ;life behind him, now lives a quiet life in Rio. But someone who knows who he is shows up and tells him, that if he wants to continue living this life, he will do three jobs for someone. Bishop tries to tell them he has the wrong man but they know who he is and if he won't do the job, they will take him but he gets away. He then goes to a resort in Thailand run by a friend, Mae, where he tries to find out who is looking for him. Later a woman named Gina shows up looking for medical assistance and Mae can't help but notice bruises all over her body. Mae deduces she's a battered woman and when Mae hears her being beaten, Mae asks Bishop to help her. He goes and kills the guy she's with. He kills the man and then sets fire to the boat he's on. But he sees that Gina has a photo of him. He deduces that they one who wants him, sent her. He confronts her and she admits that she works at a children's ...

Director: Dennis Gansel

Stars: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh

5.7 IMDB Rating 4,439 Views
Crazy Rich Asians (2018) Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2018

Rachel Chu, an American-born Chinese NYU professor, travels with her boyfriend, Nick to his hometown of Singapore for his best friend's wedding. Before long, his secret is out: Nick's family is wealthy, and he's considered the most eligible bachelor in Asia. Every single woman is incredibly jealous of Rachel and wants to bring her down.

Director: Jon M. Chu

Stars: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Gemma Chan

6.9 IMDB Rating 3,692 Views