Agnès Jaoui

Du vent dans mes mollets (The Dandelions) (2012) Streaming Complet Gratuit en VF 2012

Rachel, shy little 9 year old, loved by her father and stifled by a possessive mother, meets Valérie, a fearless and shameless girl of her age. With her new friend, she engages to profanity, indecency and nonsense, and opens up to life.

Director: Carine Tardieu

Stars: Agnès Jaoui, Denis Podalydès, Isabelle Carré, Isabella Rossellini

6.8 IMDB Rating 910 Views
L’art de la fugue (2014) Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2014

Director: Brice Cauvin

Stars: Laurent Lafitte, Agnès Jaoui, Benjamin Biolay

5,3 IMDB Rating 448 Views
Aurore (2017) Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2017

Aurore, separated from her husband, has just lost her job and been told that she is going to be a grandmother. She is slowly being pushed to the outskirts of society, but when she accidentally runs into the great love of her youth, she puts her foot down and refuses to be relegated to the scrap yard. What if now was the time to start over?

Director: Blandine Lenoir

Stars: Agnès Jaoui, Thibault de Montalembert, Pascale Arbillot

6,3 IMDB Rating 343 Views
Les bonnes intentions (2018) Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2018

A 50-year-old who is over-invested in humanitarian work is competing in the social center where she works. She will then embark her students in literacy class, with the help of a pretty foolish monitor, on the dangerous road of the code of the road.

Director: Gilles Legrand

Stars: Agnès Jaoui, Alban Ivanov, Claire Sermonne

5,7 IMDB Rating 351 Views
Place Publique 2018 Streaming Complet Gratuit en Version Française 2018

A provocative but has-been TV host spends a bumpy reunion at a countryside party along with his ex-wife, his daughter, and his producer hiding his potential termination.

Director: Agnès Jaoui

Stars: Agnès Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Léa Drucker

5.9 IMDB Rating 676 Views